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What is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is a form of dentistry that is directed towards treating and maintaining the patient's teeth and gums. This method of dentistry helps the patient to avoid gum disease, cavities, and tooth damage. It also helps the patient to care for their teeth and prevent their teeth from getting damaged or infected due to bacteria. Preventative dentistry practices protect the patient's teeth and help them be stronger, brighter, and healthier so that the patient has better overall oral health.

What is the Procedure for Preventative Dentistry Practices?

The dentist first checks the patient's teeth and gum in order to diagnose the patient's problem. Based on this diagnosis, a treatment is designed to help the patient have better oral health. The dentist will also remove the plaque and tartar in the patient's teeth. Removal of this plaque and tartar protects the patient's teeth from inflammation. The dentist also teaches the patient how to care for their teeth and how to have healthier teeth.

What are the Benefits of Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry helps patients to maintain their oral health and have better and healthier teeth. Patients are also made aware of methods by which they can care for their teeth. These practices protect patients from periodontal disease, mouth cancer, and many more problems.

What is Prophylaxis?

Prophylaxis is a procedure that is performed during a dental cleaning. It involves the removal of calcified plaque from the tooth, which is called scaling. Scaling can also be used to remove calculus. Root planning is a form of planning that takes place beneath the patient's gum line. Prophylaxis is performed after every six months and it is performed with the help of dental scalers that fit beneath the teeth and under the gum line. This dental procedure is minimally invasive and it protects the patient's teeth from damage. It is a useful method of improving the patient's oral health.

What are Sealants?

Sealants are protective, composite, plastic materials that help prevent tooth decay by forming a protective shield over the tooth. These sealants bond themselves into the grooves of the patient's teeth and protect them from being damaged by bacteria. They drastically reduce the occurrence of enamel erosion as well. Sealants are very useful because they protect vulnerable teeth without being invasive.

With the help of these preventative services, you will be able to protect yourself from many dental problems in the future. It is better to be safe than sorry and these dental practices will ensure that you have superb oral health.

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