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Cupertino, CA

Cupertino, CA

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Ernst K.

May 2016

I'm with Dr. Nick for 22 years. He is the best!

Amy L.

Apr 2016

I have very bad anxiety with dentists and since moving to California I haven't been to the dentist out of fear. A few days ago I woke up with a tooth ache, but my health insurance just ran out. So I googled who accepts new patients without insurance and found this place, they got me in first thing in the morning (they even offered to get me in when I called but I had to go to work) the entire staff is extremely friendly from the girl Tiffany at the front desk, to the assistant Angel, to Sam the doctor! I highly recommend this place to anyone, it's a very clean, nice place that just makes you feel like you're in good hands, and I'm seriously the biggest baby when it comes to dentists!!

Dave N.

Feb 2016

I've been gong to Nick for 25 years,  best dentist I've ever had. His staff is the best also including his new hygienists  Teanne.  Highly recommended especially for any cosmetic dentistry.

Jessica T.

Feb 2016

Great Dental office! I generally do not like going to the dentist, but Dr. Nick Infantino was great. I had my teeth cleaned by a sweet and gentle hygienist and even though I was new to the office, everyone made me feel like I was a long time patient. Will definitely be coming back!!!

Shelby P.

Oct 2015

The Infantino's run an awesome family owned dental practice here!  Upon my first visit the staff was very kind and helpful.  I've had my initial x-rays, teeth cleaning and cavities/fillings repaired thus far by Sam Infantino in this office and all my experiences have been much better than what I've experienced in the past.  They have made sure I'm sufficiently numb for any procedures and the staff is very conscious of the patient's comfort throughout any visit.  I would definitely suggest this office to anyone looking for dental work!

Paul E.

Apr 2015

I highly recommend Dr. Sam! He has done all of my dental work since 2010 and though I have to move to southern CA, I am seriously considering coming back here when I need any serious dental work done. The staff are always kind and friendly and this is the first dental office I enjoy visiting. Seriously, want excellent work with little to no pain? Go!

Rebecca T.

Dec 2014

I visit Infantino Dental for cleanings every 6 months, but haven't had any other work done here. I was very anxious about having fillings done this morning and Doctors Nick and Sam Infantino immediately calmed me down. Not only were my injections painless, but so was the entire procedure. I would definitely recommend this location to friends and family!

June P.

Sep 2014

I finally saw Dr. Infantino and he took care of my pain !  He and his crew are such caring people !  He kept asking me if I was doing ok.  He made this terrifying experience a little less scary.  We laughed so much ! I'm sorry I tried another dentist !  Nick can NEVER retire !!!  And to end the day, Dr. Infantino called me at home to check up on me and to make sure I am doing ok.  I just love him !!!  I recommend everyone ! You want the best, they are it !!!

Tatiana S.

Jul 2014

Dr. Infantino is the best dentist I ever had! He explains everything he intends to do very clearly, takes pictures of a tooth before, during and after the procedures to show you what is going on. You can make informed decisions on what and how you want to be done. His intuition is stunning! He found a cavity that other dentist just missed under the filling, and the x-ray didn't show much. Scheduling is very flexible. If you have a tooth ache, he will be able to see you in less than one hour after you called. He keeps up with the newest and strongest materials on the market. He takes care of his staff. The staff is very polite, caring, and knowledgeable. They deal with your insurance for you and just give you updated. I am now in process of switching my entire family to his practice, including my kids! Thank you Dr. Infantino! Tatiana

Sulgi K.

Nov 2012

I've only had experience with Nick, but I hear Sam is fantastic as well [Like father, like son!].I have always been terrified of the dentists, and for a good 10 years, stubbornly refused to go to them. After I received the recommendation, I gave in and came here. One of the questions on their initial questionnaire was, "How afraid of you are you of dentists?" (or something along the lines), which made me laugh. The staff is extraordinarily nice, and Dr. Infantino is beyond the most amazing dentist I've ever had [I'm still only slightly terrified of him...residual child-like fears, I suppose].He gets right to the point, and explains *everything* he's doing. I even go to see the pictures of my cavities, post drilling, then what it looked like with the filling. Most of the time, he'll talk and before I know it, the procedure is done! Not to mention he rides motorcycles and dirt bikes -- there's plenty to talk/listen to while you're there. I can't give enough praise and stars for Dr. Infantino's practice. I've been going here for about 2 years, and I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Justin S.

Jul 2012

I have been going to Dr. Sam Infantino for the last couple of years. He is without a doubt the best dentist I have ever been too. He is honest and upfront with the work that needed to be done. He is put me on a plan to get my teeth fixed that worked well within my insurance and budget constraints. Additionally, the staff couldn't be any friendlier. All in all... Infantino Dental is a great choice when looking for a great dentist.

Shelby M.

Aug 2011

Dr Nick and Dr Sam Infantino are wonderful! I have been a patient of Dr Sam for 2 years now.Dr Sam's knowledge and experience really set me at ease. I have to say, Im am somewhat of a dental phob. I was putting off getting my veneers replaced for years. Dr Sam and his assistant, Marina, made me feel comfortable. I popped my headphones in and before I knew it, I was saying "is that it, youre done??"He has a very gentle touch and was sure to keep asking me how I was doing.I am SO HAPPY with my new veneers! I didnt even know they could look this nice and this natural. The lab that they use to make the veneers is really close by and the lab guy actually comes to look at you, your face, your smile, and your other teeth to match everything perfectly. I will never go anywhere else!

daniel s.

Nov 2010

I'm new to the south bay and didn't have a regular dentist, I found a listing for Dr Nick Insantino dds dental in Cupertino... It's a family run business (father and son) that makes you feel like you're part of their family. Overall my experience was as high as I could possibly rate. Dr Insantino will def be my regular dentist now. In short, great experience overall, super friendly, family owned by father and son (how cool is that?), and you really feel like part of the family, even when you're only talking to them on the phone. I'm a fan!

J P.

Oct 2010

I've been a patient of Dr. Nick Infantino's for approximately 20 years.  There were times where I moved away, and had other dental experiences.  Long story short, I had to pay a lot of money for bad work elsewhere, then paid again to have Dr. Infantino remove and replace other dentists bad work (implant that gave me a lisp, crowns, etc).  I am so happy to be living back in the bay area, but I know if I move away again, I will plan my dental work around my bay area visits!  It's cheaper to do it right with Infantino the first time!

Manpreet K.

Jun 2010

My dad needed to go in for an emergency type surgery to get his wisdom tooth removed, because it was really bugging him. I called 1800 Dentist and they found these guys, because they accepted emergency situations.When I called, the receptionist was super nice and gave him an appointment for 1:00pm considering we were going from Santa Clara (I called at 12:00pm). When we got there, we had to wait for like half an hour, because it was really busy, but that was fine, because they were taking him on such a short notice. They took an x-ray and explained the problem. Christina, who took the x-ray, was extremely nice and friendly. I had to wait outside and then Dr. Sam told me what they were going to do and about how long it would take.At the end of the surgery, Angel, called me in and explained the post-surgery diet and everything. I had a great experience with them and the staff was super friendly. Thank you soo much for the great service.

Lisa D.

May 2007

I loved the dental hygenist there.  I'm a big chicken when it comes to the dentist but she was really great and knew when to take it easy and give my mouth a break.  One of the best things about the office is that the wait was nothing and it was really easy to schedule an appointment.I have to go back to have a cavity filled next week.  I'm really nervous but hopefully it'll all be ok!

Alice H.

Feb 2007

Who knew going to the dentist would be...pleasant? At Dr. Infantino and Dr. Sepi's office, I really don't mind coming in.WHO:My personal dentist at the practice is Dr. Sepi Mostesheri, a friendly, professional, caring, not to mention beautiful, woman. (I'm not sure if I'm spelling Mostesheri correctly). PERSONALITY:I hate shots and have a gagging reflex, not to mention have a small mouth. However, having Dr. Sepi work on my teeth, listening to her give me recommendations for my upcoming Spain trip, asking me about my family, puts the entire experience at ease. She always greets me with a smile making me feel like we are old friends. On an unprofessional note, she has beautiful eyes which I don't mind staring into while she hovers over me.HONEST WORK:I was recommended to this practice around 5 years ago. For years and years, I was told that I had no cavities, but should floss. Hearing that I had no cavities so often was a refreshing change to hearing dentists tell me I had to get something fixed (hence pay) every visit.Once, while I visited my dentist cousin, he filled a cavity for me. When Dr. Sepi saw this, she said she did not remember putting that filling in (what a memory!). When I told here it was the works of my cousin, she complimented it. FIXING A BAD SITUATION:Last year, Dr. Sepi identified 2 cracks in my  tooth so I had to get a crown. There was one part of the process that was particularly unbearable where she had to push a bitter tasting thread into my gumline. She could tell I hated it so she made sure to take it out as soon as she could. When I came back to change my temporary crown to my permanent crown, she was not happy with the shade it was in as it did not match the rest of my teeth. She called the lab immediately and expressed her disappointment and demanded (politely) he fix the color right then and there. This was great because I would have had no idea how to match the tooth nor would I have imagined it could be done with just a short wait without a need to come back for another appointment.Dr. Sepi goes above and beyond and is simply a sweet woman. Honesty is something somewhat difficult to find in dentists but she is a dentist I truly trust with my dental health.


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